VDM Construction provides engineer-procure-construct (EPC) services for a wide range of projects. We offer highly competitive solutions in customised modular buildings and large-span steel buildings and infrastructure.

Modular Construction

VDM modular housing is manufactured under controlled factory conditions, using innovative structural systems to deliver faster, simpler, affordable and sustainable housing solutions. The major benefits of modular construction compared to conventional construction include:

  • More competitive in cost.
  • Faster on site construction.
  • Less site disturbance.
  • Safer construction environment.
  • Less construction waste.
  • Higher sustainability with standardised and duplicable production process in factory.
  • Robust structures with better acoustic and energy efficiency ratings.

VDM has the capacity, experience and international network of strategic modular house manufacture partners to execute modular housing projects and create sustainable outcomes for clients.

Why VDM Modular?

VDM Construction is a WA-registered builder, with experienced in-house structural designers and construction professionals who have in depth knowledge of the Building Code of Australia (BCA), Australian Standards and modular construction.

VDM provides:

  • Australia and China coverage.
  • Competitive project delivery cost.
  • Fast track project delivery.
  • Design and construction.
  • Project finance.

VDM can work as a design and construct contractor or a sub-contractor to suit our clients’ preferred project development models, as well as assisting with project finance, if required. VDM provides a value-adding service to support our clients and partners on project development financing.


Compared to conventional construction, modular construction provides faster and more efficient project delivery. VDM provides a range of modern and innovative designs for residential housing, covering high-rise apartments and affordable and social housing for communities. VDM’s modular units can be specially designed and tailored to meet the unique requirements of the customer, offering the flexibility required for a distinctive and stylish development that delivers value with quality.

Mining Accommodation

Modular mining accommodation modules are purely ‘plug and play' systems that suit projects in remote areas where fast camp construction, fast mobilisation and minimal impact to surroundings is required. They are designed to cope with extreme weather conditions, in accordance with Australian Standards, cyclone category requirements and customers’ specifications.

VDM has extensive experience in design and construction of mining accommodation facilities and can provide customers with a complete range of mining accommodation:

  • Mining Village Accommodation.
  • Medical Treatment Rooms.
  • Recreation Rooms.
  • Wet Mess Rooms.
  • Office Complexes.
  • Commercial Kitchens.
  • Gymnasiums.
  • Commercial Laundries.
  • Ablutions.
  • Dry Store Buildings.
  • Toilets.
  • Lunchrooms.
  • Communication Building.


Modular hotel rooms vary from a basic 15-20sqm room for budget and economy hotels, through to 5 star rooms of 26sqm+, with all the required amenities. Hotel projects can be tailored, designed and built as per the customer’s requirements.

Student Accommodation

With increasing numbers of international students coming from overseas to study in Australia, the provision of affordable student accommodation is an important value-add to educational institutions in Australia. International students place a high priority on having access to appropriate accommodation. Modular student accommodation construction is a fast and affordable solution and provides the flexibility required for future expansion.